Dr Morse Inc Tattoo Studio is Simon Morse’ latest adventure. Simon is described on the net as a ‘comic book genius’. He is a New Zealand artist better known in the USA and Japan than he is in New Zealand. A Google search for him will introduce you to the vast international other world of the adult comic book.

In more recent years, Simon has been directing his magic into the world of tattoo. He already has a massive following and a flick through his portfolio will show you why. His custom art draws people from all over New Zealand.

The studio itself is something else. The art, figurines & studio decor sum up Simon’s artistic personality perfectly. Originally Simon’s apprentice and inspired by his art and geekery, Nursey has been full time since the studio opened. Nursey has a similar artistic style to Simon. Her art has been described as “anthropomorphic with a splash of gore”.

As of December 1st 2012, we welcomed Cam Elgar to the studio with open arms. Cam specializes mainly in Black & Grey. His Art has been described as “Beautifully bad ass, subtly macabre with amazing attention to detail”.

Jolene Tempest recently realized how choice we are and decided our family needed a little bit of what she’s got. Jolene’s beautiful art work coupled with an undeniable brooding dark force encompasses portrait realism, mayhem and general debauchery.

Come for a visit and see for yourself… Head into the James Smith Corner Building, go past the shoe shop and Rebel sport and head up the stairs to level 1.

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