Virtual Tour Setup, Scope and Cost

How to get a Virtual Tour Setup

The Basic Steps

  1. Client Calls PanaScope to initially discuss the scope of your location
  2. PanaScope will decide during that call if your location warrants a physical visit for additional scoping pre capture day
  3. PanaScope will set project cost and send to Client
  4. Client pays one third down on project and this allows a date to be booked
  5. Client before shoot day and time will need to tidy and prep location for capture
  6. PanaScope team will visit your location and capture your virtual tour
  7. PanaScope will process and send virtual tour to client for review
  8. Client pays 2nd third on approval.
  9. PanaScope then deploys to agreed locations of the clients choice including:
    • Google Business
    • Host to our servers
  10. Client final balance payment
  11. USB and or Dropbox delivery and Social sites

After final payment a copy of the Virtual Tour is then available for you to use anywhere you wish.
NOTE: Client always has the choice to handle all deployments themselves. For instance, maybe you’re a Real Estate company or Marketing firm that handles multiple restaurants.

Client Action Points

  1. Contact PanaScope 
  2. Prep Location
  3. Make Payment

We handle all the rest : )

Scope and Cost Calculation of a Virtual Tour

Factors that influence Project Scope and Cost

  • Location 
  • Size
  • Floors
  • Accessibility
  • Complexity
  • Resolution
  • Deployment (All base tour tours include Google My Business (Street View / Business View)

Tour Base see the current cost per Base here
Tour Areas see the current cost per Area here
Tour Satellites see the current cost per Satellite here

To get an immediate idea of what your place can cost we have a handy, fast and easy to use Virtual Tour Builder on our site here